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How to Install Viber on your PC : Viber for PC

What is Viber for PC

Lot of people think how they can install viber on their PC. Even if you don’t have a cell, still you can use viber and make free calls. Yes it is possible. You can use viber on your pc by installing viber pc application on your computer. Viber Pc application is still not yet out, however you can use android emulator to install Viber app on your pc and make free pc to phone calls. That is call a friend on his mobile (viber) using viber pc app.

Requirements to install Viber on PC

Viber for PC requires some add on before we actually tell you how to install and get viber working on PC. First step is to get java installed on your pc. Java is a free program that can be downloaded from Oracle’s website for Java. Viber for PC requires Android emulator which in turn require java, so first you need to get hava installed on your Pc. This will help yo get Viber working on your Pc. We have focused this for Windows Pc, however it should work for mac as well.

You can follow these steps to get Java to install Viber on your PC:

  1. Visit Java website
  2. Click on Free Java Download
  3. On the next page, Click on agree and start download
  4. It will download Java exe on your PC.
  5. Install this app.

Viber for PC Steps

Many people who have android mobiles know that one of the solution to test android app is to install android app on their PC using android emulator.
Means people who are not having android phone can also test it on their PC. Google himself provides an Android emulator with their SDK to test APK’s on PC before launching them on mobile devices. Now I think you might get some idea. So as we described above you can get Viber for PC working using android emulator. What you need to do is :

  1. Download Android Emulator from android developer’s website.
  2. If you do not have Java installed on your machine it will prompt you for that too. Just proceed with the steps.
  3. Download Viber for Android app on your PC.
  4. Install the Viber App on your PC (Emulator)
  5. Enter your phone number.
  6. Activate your Viber for PC app.

For more information, visit Viber PC App tutorial.

Viber for Smartphones

Viber for Blackberry :

It will be very soon launched for blackberry mobiles. Stay tunes for updates.

Facebook updates by Viber :

We are in the last days of beta testing, and presently compiling reviews from our beta testers. We hope to close this stage by the end of this month, and then send Viber for BlackBerry to the AppWorld for your review as well. Please stay tuned. :)

Viber for Android :

Already launched and is available for download in Google Play (Android Market)

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